SuperCollege Scholarship $1000 Worth 2022

The SuperCollege Scholarship is a great opportunity for every student in the United States in need of an extra $1000 towards their education pursuit. The scholarship is organized and funded by SuperCollege; an independent publisher in the United States. It aims to provide financial support for students to cover tuition fees and other minute school supplies.

According to the official website:

You can use the scholarship to pay for tuition, books, computers, room and board or any education-related expense.


The application for the scholarship is free, straightforward, and easy. It is a typical No Essay type of scholarship application. You should give it a try.

supercollege scholarship
The Application Completion Page

If you look at the picture above, you would see the scholarship recommendations by SuperCollege. This page is shown to every applicant after they hit the Submit button. It uses information from your SuperCollege $1000 Scholarship application to determine scholarship opportunities that might be right for you. Even though this is sort of promotional, you can still get a heads-up to get better scholarships.

Summary of SuperCollege Scholarship

Here is a summary of what the SuperCollege Scholarship entails:

  • Country of Study: United States
  • Eligible Countries: United States
  • Number of Awards: 1
  • Award Amount: $1000
  • Deadline: 31st August 2022
  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Post-graduate, Master
  • Institution: Any United States University or College
  • Essay Needed: No
  • Automatic Renewal: No
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Eligible Programs/Courses

There are no course or program restrictions accompanying the scholarship. So, you can apply irrespective of your present or intended course of study. Although, on the scholarship application form, you will have to give information about your course of study, institution name, and year of graduation or enrollment. But there is no indication that that would be a determining factor in your chances of getting the award.

I would say, this information is required of you so they can confirm you are actually enrolled in the institution, and program you indicated before awarding you the prize if you eventually win.

Scholarship Coverage or Benefits

Here is what you stand to gain as a beneficiary of the scholarship:

  • you stand a chance to win an extra $1000 with little effort
  • the money is paid directly into your bank account
  • you can spend the awarded scholarship amount as you wish.
  • you can apply at every entry period even if you participated in the previous one and won

Eligibility and Requirements for SuperCollege Scholarship

Here are the conditions you must meet to qualify as a beneficiary of the scholarship:

  • Submit a complete online application
  • must be a permanent resident in the United States
  • must be enrolled in high school, and be in your senior year
  • must be enrolled in college or have plans to
  • you must not have any affiliations with SuperCollege

Required Documents for the Scholarship

You do not need any documents to apply for the scholarship. However, if you eventually get randomly picked, and won the scholarship, you would need to prove that you indeed applied before you can get the award amount. You would also need proof of your affiliation to the institution(s) you have indicated in your application. Failure to do so, your victory would be forfeited, and another winner would be chosen at random.

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How to Apply for SuperCollege Scholarship

Here are the steps to be taken when applying for the SuperCollege Scholarship:

  • Go to the online application
  • Check that you meet all the requirements
  • Fill out the application correctly, and make sure it is complete before you submit it. An incomplete application leads to automatic disqualification
  • Wait about a week to two weeks to know your fate

For more information about the $1000 SuperCollege Scholarship, visit their official website.

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