ECECD Wage Supplement Program in New Mexico

If you are in New Mexico, United States, and work as a childcare professional, teacher, or educator for children between 0 to age 5, this opportunity is for you. The ECECD wage supplement program is organized by the same body in charge of ECECD scholarships.

The ECECD wage supplement program has its incentives based on a scale with 10 different levels. Each level requires a minimum qualification expected of the candidate. Thus, the higher the qualification of a candidate, the more wage supplement they get. Candidates have no obligation to fulfill, or mode of spending the incentives.

Eligibility and Requirements for Wage Supplement

Here are the requirements a person must meet to qualify for the ECECD Wage Supplements:

  • you must live and work in New Mexico, United States
  • you must be an early childhood educator
  • you must at least a high school diploma
  • you must earn less than $16 per hour
  • you work at least 20 hours per week as a child educator in New Mexico
  • must be an educator for children between 0 and 5 years of age
  • you must have an Early Childhood Education (ECE) certificate
  • alternatively, you must have been enrolled in an Early Childhood Education institute, and have completed at least 5 credit hours of ECE courses
  • must have been qualified at least 6 months before the application
  • must submit monthly reports to validate the application
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Employer Specific Requirements

To qualify for the wage supplement program, you need to be working in one of the following childcare education settings for at least 20 hours per week:

  • New Mexico licensed or registered childcare setting
  • Tribal child care
  • New Mexico Pre-K or Early Pre-K program in a community-based setting
  • New Mexico Pre-K or Early Pre-K program authorized by a public school or charter including Title I or 619 Preschool Program
  • New Mexico Head Start or Early Head Start program
  • New Mexico Tribal Head Start or Early Head Start program

Level Requirements for Determining Size of Wage Supplement

I mentioned earlier that there were ten levels of educational attainment for applicants, at which they receive different ECECD wage supplements from the program. Here are the levels and their requirements:

  • Level one: you must have completed at least 5 credit hours of ECE courses. You can only receive two years’ worth of wage supplements unless you move to another level.
  • Level two: at least 20 credit hours of ECE with a maximum of two years incentives, unless you must up the levels
  • Levels three and four: 24 and 48 credit hours of ECE towards a degree respectively. There is a maximum of 4 years to receive the incentives in each of these levels
  • Levels five to nine: for level five, you need 60 credit hours, level six and eight, 75 credit hours, for level seven, 90 credit hours, and for level nine 120 credit hours of ECE. You can collect wage supplements on each of these levels with no year limit
  • Level ten: You need a bachelor’s or master’s degree to qualify for this level.
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ECECD Wage Supplement Program Coverage or Benefits

Here are the benefits any qualifying candidate would get from the program:

  • extra cash in addition to their wages
  • a steady inflow of passive income for doing nothing other than studying
  • more money to finance their education
  • eligibility for the bilingual incentive payment for those who can speak English and Spanish
  • key to financial freedom if the scholarship is acquired in addition to this

How to Apply for the Wage Supplement Program

To apply for the wage supplement program by ECECD, you need to follow these steps below:

  • Make sure you meet all the requirements
  • Complete the application form
  • Upload all required documents to prove your eligibility status
  • Wait for a decision
  • Continue to maintain your eligibility

For more information about the ECECD Wage Supplement Program, visit their official website.

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